Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hurry up and wait!

so im originally from california and i am now living in florida. i have my california cosmetology license and am trying to get my florida licens as well. florida said it was no problem and all i had to do is send in a paper and whala a florida license would arive at my door in two short weeks! i thought it was going to be so easy! i went online to see where i could get a hold of this magical paper, then i found out i had to get it from california... california is netorious for their extremely slow paperwork but when i called they said this paper was a peice of cake and it would arive in a week or so, all i had to do was send them a check! i sent them a check that same day excited to receve this magical paper! my check was deposited a few days later so i figured i would see the paper a few days later... it is going on a month now and i have called down there three times now! where is my magic paper! i want it now! i wouldnt be in such a rush but i found an amazing loft to open my nail salon, i even gave my down payment! im so sad!!! and mad!!! i just want to do nails!!! here are a couple pix of nails i have done...

Monday, May 25, 2009


so im sitting here on my little couch just messing around, minding my own business when BOOM! lightning and thunder! it was so BRIGHT and so LOUD i swear it must have been only six feet away from my window! it was so loud i jumped so high i thought my head almost hit the ceiling! it is going to take me a while to get used to this Florida weather...

so i need ideas! i am opening a little nail salon and i want to sell crafty things i have made my self, i allready make hair bows and im begining to master flip flops but i really need some more ideas! i dabble in jewlers but im open to any suggestions, any crafty ladies out there who have some good ideas?

Pink Skull Flops

i just graduated from hair bows to flip flops! this is my first pair! i love them! i can make them with all kinds of different colors and different bows on the front! let me know what you think of these!... more to come :o)