Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hurry up and wait!

so im originally from california and i am now living in florida. i have my california cosmetology license and am trying to get my florida licens as well. florida said it was no problem and all i had to do is send in a paper and whala a florida license would arive at my door in two short weeks! i thought it was going to be so easy! i went online to see where i could get a hold of this magical paper, then i found out i had to get it from california... california is netorious for their extremely slow paperwork but when i called they said this paper was a peice of cake and it would arive in a week or so, all i had to do was send them a check! i sent them a check that same day excited to receve this magical paper! my check was deposited a few days later so i figured i would see the paper a few days later... it is going on a month now and i have called down there three times now! where is my magic paper! i want it now! i wouldnt be in such a rush but i found an amazing loft to open my nail salon, i even gave my down payment! im so sad!!! and mad!!! i just want to do nails!!! here are a couple pix of nails i have done...

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  1. Oh man! That sounds awful! You pay up and they don't deliver! tsk tsk! I wish there was a nail salon here in the Philippines that could do nails as amazing as that. The only thing they know how to do is a simple french manicure and just paint the nails. no designs, no airbrushing...nothing